Friday, 30 March 2012

iPhone Case

This is a super easy way the get a custom iPhone case for under two dollars!

You will need:
- Clear iPhone case
- Picture or scrapbook paper
- Hole punch
- Pen
- Scissors

I bought my iPhone case online for 1 dollar including shipping. You may also be able to find them at the dollar store.

Trace iPhone case onto picture/paper and cut out.

Place picture in case and trace around camera lens opening.

 Using a hole punch, punch out the opening

Place you phone in the case. Tada! So simple!


  1. Is it glued in, decoupaged?

    1. No, no glue. It's just placed in there. When you clip the phone in, it holds it in place.

    2. that also makes it easy to replace with other photos as often as you want! =)

  2. I'm so frustrated! Haha!
    I was ready to Mod Podge my life in photos away and yet, it's THIS simple! HAHAHA! My husband was ready for chaos in our dining room. He is in tears laughing because I was just positive that there would be a huge mess involved. Thank you for the ease! =D

  3. I can't find the clear cases, can you share the website where you bought yours?

    1. I actually just got it off eBay from china for 99 cents.

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